I woke up and was reading a forum where someone had a headline about “hairy pussy” so I assumed it was a cat picture, but no, it was a woman who did not shave. She is not “hairy” but is unshaved. I read all the comments about how gross and disgusting she was, then saw this and burst out laughing, because it’s SO true!!

“The funny part is that every one of the limp dick Twinky eaters saying EWWW and GROSS in this thread would hit that pussy in a fucking minute. I’d fucking eat that shit all day long. You fuckers make me laugh. The same people saying that is gross are same morons that sit home alone on Friday and/or Saturday night and post on this forum about what a “COOL” social life they have and all of their “BLING”.”

Not so gross and not that hairy, huh? So many of them brag about this or that, and jump in with their “ewww” comments but you know if they had the chance they’d be all over her, then brag to their friends, too!!!

Cold rainy morning, kind of raw. Need to get my hair trimmed this morning so have to go out in the rain. I was thinking of a car wash anyway so guess I’ll let nature wash my SUV!

Saw Overhaulin’ the other night and they did a truck owned by Drew Lachey, brother of Nick Lachey. He’s the guy who won the Dancing With The Stars competition last year. Anyway, he bought a 1972 Ford F100 truck and they planning to trick it out and surprise him. He paid $250 for it. I was dying because why can’t *I* find a truck of that vintage for that price!!!! Everything I look at is $20k. Chip Foose did a great job in restoring it and making it an incredible car. It was funny to see Drew drop to his belly to look underneath right away — you can tell he’s a car guy!

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  • 1751. Yossarian 25 April 2007 at 12:51 pm

    isn’t it amazing that liking a pussy like that is seen as a fetish?!?!? when its the most natural thing in the world, what a beautiful sight :)

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