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More hairy lesbians

Worked really hard but updated the Hairy Lesbians website with some extremely explicit pics! Check every few days for new photos of hot hairy lesbians.

Speaking of hot, it was 93 today and humid and icky. I was home most of the day but when I ran out I just could not believe how hot it was and it’s going to get worse over the next few days. I WANT SNOW!!

Feeling neglected

Well, it’s been a week now since Ron has contacted me, technically. He did call Sunday morning but I was sleeping, since I try to sleep in on Sunday mornings and he goes to work early and I guess he forget there is a 2-hour time difference. No message. No emails. I felt he was pulling away last week and now the lack of contact speaks volumes. I haven’t been asking myself what I did or said wrong, because I know I did nothing or said nothing wrong. I know I told him I didn’t have hairy legs, but he also told me that even if I weren’t hairy he’d still want to get to know me. It could be that he likes a woman with a lot of “junk in her trunk” and I don’t!! I don’t know, I just know I can’t be neglected like this. If a guy can’t literally take 5 minutes to click “email” in MySpace and say “hi, I’m busy, but thinking of you” — when he logs into MySpace each day — well, I deserve a lot better.

Chris and I chatted a little and he disappeared, too. Maybe I have bad breath?

Let’s see, I redid the Hairy Video Blog and totally removed the old models and put up new models at Miss Hairy USA and I chose full body shots for the new model pics and not face pics.

Been too hot to take out the Firebird though I want to get my tach fixed as I think it blew a fuse. A friend had wired it for me last year and I was going to email him last night to fix it, but instead he emailed ME to tell me he was suicidal as his girlfriend changed the locks and went back with her ex boyfriend. I was surprised he was with her, since he doesn’t like fat women and she’s fat, he doesn’t like young girls and she’s 20, he doesn’t like cats and she has them, he hates kids and she has 2, 5 and a baby. So, guess I’ll bring it in next week when it’s cooler.

Meanwhile, my car coming out of restoration is at the exhaust shop, having a custom exhaust done. It’s out-of-town but this guy is known for doing classic car exhausts and he’s fussy like a girl!! So “hopefully” next week I’ll have it back, totally done, and will have pics.

Humidity breaks?

HA! It was hot as hell today? I thought of you, Stephanie, because it was just damned hot today. I went out tonight in the ‘bird and it wasn’t even cool. Bought a new GPS then came home where it was cool.

Updated the Hairy Video Blog with new links and will be adding new free movies every few days. I plan a slight design change, too.

No word from my guy for a few days now, not sure what’s going on. Did hear from a new guy but he’s only looking for friends as he’s into older cars, and I’m fine with that as long as he knows it’s friends only. No word from Bruno — big surprise there. I think for him it’s the thrill of the chase. We chat, he pretends interest, then disappears for a while. It’s ok as I’m really not interested in a guy who just wants to get laid for the short-term. I’m playing for long-term only.

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Humidity, ick

Damn, it is HOT. Dew point is around 72 and 75 is about the highest it goes. Yesterday I spent 2 hours at the garage while they put in a new speedometer cable and they only have a tiny fan there. I was drenched in sweat when I left and could not wait to get home into a shower!

But oh my, the guy working on my car, wow. About 23 or 24, very dark and thick hair and thick, thick mustache, lots of chin hair, but the best part was he kept working on my car when it was on the lift, and kept raising up his arms so I could see his pit hair. You guys aren’t the only ones who drool over a hairy pit! He had a beautiful smile, too. Just a perk of having an old car!

Haven’t really heard from my guy and it’s pretty frustrating. I know he’s busy as he works full time and has a full time hobby, but I need some attention. “ima be all ova u” hasn’t messaged me and I’m glad, and not surprised. I almost think it’s a game to him, he talks to a woman and says he’s interested, then disappears.

I did hear from my gangsta guy, and he asked why I was mad at him, and I told him he gave me a really shitty attitude last time we talked and I don’t need it or want it. He didn’t want to see the log of what he said and did apologize a few times. That was nice, but he’s like the other one, they want short term and my guy is in it for the long term from what I can see … though not hearing from him is just aggravating. How can you get to know someone if they don’t email?

Here’s something to make your day

Glad the weekend is nearly over

I really hate holidays and have such a hard time with them. Oh, I had fun yesterday but came home and something happened that really threw me and has me pretty weepy. It’s a culmination of a few bad weeks, I think. I clicked the wrong icon on another computer and AIM opened up. Been avoiding AIM so I don’t end up talking to gangsta boy. When I looked over, I saw a message from “ima be all ova u”. Feeling alone, I decided to talk to him. It’s not like my guy has been paying me much attention, and anyone who knows me knows I need a lot of attention from a guy. We did the normal chit chat, then he asked about my love life,and I told him I hadn’t met anyone but was just talking to someone who lived very far away. At that point I probably should have just clicked out but again, needing to feel needed but was feeling neglected, so decided to chat with him.

He really does like hairy women, and he isn’t asking for pics which just really makes me lose interest, and he’s very close, but he’s also very young, very immature, and I know he only wants one thing. I did ask him if he really liked fat women and he said “i like all women” and then told me their size didn’t matter. DANGER ZONE. That is man speak for “I’ll fuck anything that breathes and has a vagina.” No thank you. I’d rather be alone and do myself than be with someone like that.

My guy says he really does love bigger women plus loves hairy women, and is so much more mature and much brighter, but that distance thing is a real issue as is the lack of attention and contact. I want someone who loves my body and shows it, not someone who will tolerate it.

So, I had trouble falling asleep, though had taken a pill as I haven’t slept well in a long time, plus had the stiff neck from hell. Woke up a few times but kept rolling over and going back to sleep … looked at the clock and it was 9:40!! I haven’t slept that late in years! Now I’m scrambling to catch up on my websites, then have some paperwork to do, then some stuff around the house. With the rain I won’t be cruising, could not even take the Firebird with us yesterday as I knew it was going to rain, and it did.

I think I’ve done enough on Hairy Video Reviews to announce it here, though am adding a bit more onto it later. I’m thinking I’ll have the bisexual site done by tonight if I don’t take a nap lol. I’m still tired but am feeling, I don’t know … unsettled … maybe too much on my mind.

Happy Independence Day

Happy July 4th to all Americans! How did you celebrate the holiday? I didn’t do anything special, but anyone who knows me well knows the issues I have with holidays and how difficult they are for me, so I’m just glad yesterday is over. Today I’m going to do a little shopping before the car show but little else outside, since it’s going to be raining most of the day.

I’m grounded

Well, sorta kinda … have no car to cruise in at night. The other day the Firebird gave me issues with starting, then made this horrible grinding noise coming from the cowl area. I boosted it and it was fine but then it died once again with that horrid grinding. Bought a new high torque starter as well as an Optima battery. With the cam and increased timing, I don’t think my battery has enough power. So tomorrow I’ll have her towed and fixed. I think the Bendix may have a bent tooth but that’s a simple fix. The starter is HEAVY!

But it’s been so nice at night and I can’t cruise :(

Did take out my daily driver to look at the water, as we are having abnormally high tides. The boat launch was underwater last night and I watched one couple come close, then realize they simply could not bring their boat in since you have to back your vehicle with trailer down a 100 foot ramp that was underwater. Tomorrow if I have the Firebird back I’ll go out plus will take pics.

Got to talk to my guy the other day but I do miss his emails … I feel like we’re drifting apart or something. He’s a phone/text kinda guy, and I’m an email kinda gal. My words flow much easier when I can sit down and type and I can talk to him that way and ask about him and learn about him. I hate texting as those keys are tiny and you can’t just use 2 hands and type quickly. Phone is ok though mine runs out of battery quickly and gets REALLY hot after a few minutes. It’s time for a new one, I know … I’ll search one of these days. But he has mentioned visiting me on vacation which kicked up all my insecurities! I guess a big part of me just can’t see why this amazing guy would want ME other than the hair, and a big part of me feels the opposite, that he’s damned lucky to have me.

Car that’s in restoration is THISCLOSE to being done. I thought it would go for the exhaust this week and it still might, but it needed a proportioning valve yesterday when the brakes failed. Theoretically that was done today along with some last-minute wiring, but I’ll call tomorrow and see. I know it’s within days of having the exhaust which is the last step, then it goes to my Firebird mechanic for less than a week for all the cosmetic stuff (dash components, rocker panels, etc). I’m pretty excited.

This weekend I’m going to a huge car show with my car show friend. He called me to remind me of a show Friday night which I’d forgotten about, then asked if I wanted to go Saturday or Sunday to the big show. Another friend is going on Sunday (the guy with the DeLorean) so I’m not quite sure yet.

Still updating sites and should have one or two finished before the holiday. I’m very close on the hairy video site … just need to tweak it some more

Do you guys tell your barbers everything?

I know we women tend to talk to our hairdressers about everything going on in our lives, especially our sex lives. Do y’all talk to the guys and women who do your hair, too?

My hairdresser and I always talk about our love lives. This week she asked if I was seeing anyone new, and I mentioned that I was “talking” to someone. So, she asked where I met him and I said “online” and then I got that look. You know the one, like he’s a mass murderer/rapist trolling the Internet for his next victim. Man, people not online just don’t get it, do they?

I talked to him just a few minutes ago when he called. He’s never able to get me and he was so surprised I answered he was speechless for a bit! He always makes me laugh and smile, and I gotta tell you, he’s making me feel sexy, something I never, ever feel.

It’s not perfect as he’s not local, and at times I wish I were younger and prettier and stuff like that. I’m so jaded about romance and am trying to keep really positive.

Oh yeah, he has a cat. Eddie, STOP laughing! I can hear the “ha ha” in my ear!!

Shrek is on so, of course, I’m watching it. The story of the ugly woman who finds a man who sees the beauty within always makes me cry, and it’s one of my favorite movies.

Putting up a new website (sorry, Summer) in the bisexual niche. It was a split-second decision to buy the domain (it was expensive, too) and develop it, but I won’t regret it. Still updating a hairy site and hope to have it done by tomorrow.

Whew, is it humid

I’m thinking of you, Stephanie — knowing you must be suffering with just a window fan :(

Updated this site as you can see on the sidebar, a tremendous amount of work but it’s done. It was so much work I added it to the Hair To Stay website too! But now there are 3,000 new free photos available to you hairy women lovers!!

Got my obscure auto part, a floor shifter column and it’s in great shape. The only bad thing was the turn signal lever was pitted and rusty but mine is in great shape so I won’t need to have it rechromed. Got a gorgeous dash gauge cluster that had been rechromed, too. Should have the car back in a week …. fingers crossed please!

Don’t forget the huge sale going on at Hairy Videos right now. All videos and DVDs are on sale and most are half price OR LESS!!!!

Things are still going well with me and the new guy but it’s frustrating that he isn’t closer.

Sometimes the laws make no sense to me

Tell me something — HOW does someone plead guilty to wholesale promotion of obscene materials when there has been NO trial or prosecution stating the materials were obscene???

Granted, this guy produced porn in Florida and it’s only legal to do so in California, but Florida is known for its porn production.

I don’t like this. I can’t fathom why Larry Walters would allow his client to plead guilty UNLESS something new came to light recently that isn’t being made public … but still, no prosecution on obscenity but he plead guilty to it …

Ray Guhn Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering
Trial was scheduled to begin June 30; faces three to five years in prison

By Steve Javors
Wednesday, Jun 25, 2008
PENSACOLA, Fla. – The trial for adult webmaster Clinton McCowen, aka Ray Guhn, ended before it began. According to a news report, Guhn appeared in court yesterday and pleaded guilty to an “unlawful financial transactions” charge, thus avoiding a trial.

Shortly before midnight, The Pensacola News Journal reported that Guhn and his associates, all principals with the Cash Titans program, pleaded guilty to various charges – but not obscenity. According to the article, Guhn will be sentenced to three to five years in state prison.

Cash Titans general manager Andrew Craft, and Guhn partner Kevin Stevens, pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering and are facing two to four years in prison. Another defendant, Thomas Dwyer, pleaded guilty to wholesale promotion of obscene materials.

All remain free on bond before sentencing on Aug. 11.

Global Technologies Inc., doing business as Ray Guhn Productions and Cash Titans, made $10 million in its first five years, prosecutors alleged, while it shot adult Internet content in homes, at hotels, along the interstate and in public in Pensacola and Pace, Fla.

Guhn was initially charged by Escambia County prosecutors in June 2006 with racketeering, enterprise prostitution and the production and sale of obscene material. Escambia County then dropped the charges before refilling the racketeering and money laundering charges in neighboring Santa Rosa County in July 2007.

“We have this [porn] problem statewide,” Assistant State Attorney Russ Edgar, who prosecuted the case, told the Pensacola News Journal. “I hope prosecutors will take our lead and enforce our law.”

Guhn’s lawyer Lawrence Walters was quoted in the New York Times earlier yesterday for employing a novel defense strategy. In regards to the community standards prong of the Miller test, Walters sought to use Google Trends search data of Pensacola residents to buoy his claim that local community members have an active interest in sexual content.

Judge Ron Swanson ruled that the community in this case was defined as the counties that make up Florida’s First Circuit Court: Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton.

“Time and time again you’ll have jurors sitting on a jury panel who will condemn material that they routinely consume in private,” Walters told the Times. “Utilizing search queries] we can show how people really think and feel and act in their own homes, which, parenthetically, is where this material was intended to be viewed.”

By pleading guilty to racketeering, Guhn avoided an obscenity trial.

Walters was unavailable for comment at press time.

Huge Video And DVD Sale!

I updated Hairy Videos tonight. Did an inventory and added about 15 new DVDs (some had been listed as sold out) plus lowered the prices on just about every VHS and DVD to half price or less. Some DVDs and VHS tapes are priced as low as $5! Buy as few or as many as you wish. Buy a lot and let’s make a deal!

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A little bummed out

Haven’t been able to connect with my guy on the phone and it’s beginning to frustrate me. He calls when I’m either sleeping, away from the phone, in the store (I don’t carry the phone with me, I leave it in my car) or when I’m out and can’t talk (the Flowmasters are a bit loud). I’m sure we’ll be able to talk soon but it’s frustrating at times.

Bruise is still there, only bigger and more purple. I look like Barney under my arm. But no, I didn’t bruise a rib as Eddie suggested, it’s on the rib cage bone just above that area, and I can take a deep breath without any pain or discomfort whatsoever.

Gotta go get new glasses tomorrow since mine are broken (part of the ‘I fell’ story) and then I want to being a new hairy project, got a few sites I need to do something with as far as redoing them.

Gotta hire a new employee who knows Photoshop. One of mine doesn’t and I find I’m doing the work since she can’t download it. I found her a free version of it but she lost the link. Real reliable, huh?

Some days …

Some days I want to trash my computers! I got an email from someone who said he wanted to meet me because (a) I wear shirtless shirts to show off my hairy pits and (b) I’m attractive.

Both are very untrue.

So, I emailed back and simply said I don’t meet strangers from the Internet. His response?

“What clubs or bars in (city goes here) can one find women who walk around sleeveless with Hair under their arms? Just wondering if you knew?”

It’s so hard not to be rude some days.

Quiet night, just got in a little while ago. I’m a hurting puppy, too. Without going into a lot of details, I fell last night. I didn’t want to put a pic out on the open site to gross people out, but if you click HERE you can see the bruise I have. It’s under my arm (you can see a bit of hair) and it approximately 3 inches wide and 2.5 inches high. It HURTS a lot, too. It looks like I was kicked very hard by a horse.

Still chatting with my guy and getting to know him and all is going really well. He just makes my heart smile

Warm Tuesday night

Huge storm last night, an hour of rain with thunder and lightning. Hard to sleep I tell ya!

Right now the move, To Be Fat Like Me, is on. I’ve seen it twice and I just hate it, but have to watch it. It’s about a girl who decides to dress in a fat suit to see how the other half lives, and is gee, surprised that people make fun of her, laugh at her, treat her like shit, etc. Why don’t they believe a fat chick who says life is like this? Why must they make a mockery of it and dress people as fat to prove a point?

Still chatting with my guy who surprisingly seems really interested in me. He makes me laugh and makes me smile, and that’s so important. He doesn’t live close to me and that’s something that really bothers me but I’m not going to let it get in the way. Things happen for a reason.

Chilly day

It was chilly today, probably all of 58 or so, and I was loving it. Had the windows open and enjoyed the breeze. Didn’t sleep well last night at all, yeah, I know, it’s happening every night now … so went to take a nap today but just could not fall asleep. Guess I have a lot of my mind.

Things with the new guy are going well. He did something that really made me feel good and that was signing up to support one of my sites. The Hairy Chat Forum is a great site, but when he signed up, it just made me all mushy inside to see how he supports what I do.

He did call and I missed the call — sound familiar, Eddie? LOL. Speaking of which, please call me Eddie so I can hear how you’re settling in with the move and all.

Dad is doing better and I believe going home tomorrow or the next day.

Still dealing with my car coming out of restoration. One guy has been incredibly helpful to me, helping me locate parts or telling me which parts to buy. Other than some headliner clips, I’m all set for now.

Oh, yeah, it was Friday the 13th!

Began badly when someone said something that just pissed me off! Told me I should be looking for a man “in real life” or words to that effect instead of using the Internet. Now, my hirsute ladies who read this will fully understand why “we” do this online and not in person, right? Man, I HATE when people try to tell me how to run my life. Let them live in my shoes for a week and then we’ll see. Everyone always thinks they know what’s best for you without really knowing you, ya know?

Then I was stressed over my car(s) and ran into someone who offered me a ride so I could take a weekend vacation and I jumped at the chance. Ran home, grabbed the laptop so I could work (but not upload, insecure server and all) but then mom called and dad was at the ER — again. He’s been admitted but I’m not sure how long he’ll be there. He was doing really well but this time it’s symptoms from his advanced COPD, and I have a feeling since it’s not heart-related they’ll send him home after a few days.

Now I’m home and chilling. Got stuff to do at home this weekend anyway so it’s not a “bad” thing, but I’ll go away in a few weeks, probably after the car is done.

Did hear from my guy and he gave me the greatest compliment, basically saying even if I removed all the hair he’s still want to get to know me as he thinks — well, this or that — but you get the gist. You ladies know what I mean, right? It just makes you melt to hear that. But, I’m keeping it real, not getting overly attached yet, not falling hard or anything, just enjoying getting to know him. As I said to someone earlier today, it’s nice to have someone making me feel good like this.

Was about to write a post on the coffee blog and I forgot I had upgraded and panicked, thinking my site had been hacked! Too many sites but Summer should be proud of me — no new sites for what, 2 months now?

Weather finally broke

The humidity finally broke and today it was just nice, warm and sunny without that awful sweat-producing humidity.

Feeling really REALLY good as I’m getting to know this amazing guy. He sees me as a woman with hair, not a hairy woman and that makes all the difference.

He’s funny, intelligent, well-spoken, not a pig and we share a love of classic cars, music and Chinese food!

Right now he’s living far away but soon he’ll be a lot closer, so we’ll see what happens. Right now he’s just making me smile — a lot.

Here you go!

Thick hairy bush on sexy woman

I love this pic … old school porn when women were really hairy and had real sex!

Unbearable heat

98 degrees today. I had to drive my Firebird back from the body shop today and even on the highway I was a pile of sweat. The humidity was just disgusting. I put it in the garage, drove home, and literally was in the shower in 10 minutes. It was too hot to even take pics of what they did. They did pull me in this morning to talk about my restoration but at 9 am it wasn’t too hot yet.

Chatting with someone new the past few days and it’s so refreshing to talk to someone who doesn’t ask about the hair — at least not yet — and my instinct is he won’t. He asks about me — my favorite movies, color, music, etc. We chat about a lot of things and he’s intelligent and fascinating to talk to. Younger than I am, of course, and not local, but he did ask if I was open to a long-distance relationship and with him — definitely.

So, we’ll see … he did ask about being hirsute and I was pretty open and honest about it. You never know how someone will deal with all that pain when they hear about it.

New review on Hairy Website Reviews posted last night and I’ll be posting another within the hour

Oppressive heat

Nearly 100 degrees today with a heat index near 100. They said IF we get heat like this, it usually isn’t until August and sometimes it never gets this bad. It was just horrendous. I went out to the post office and grocery store and the heat coming up from the tar in the parking lots was stifling. I had the a/c on in the car but still, it was a long hot walk into the buildings. I came home and had lunch where it was nice and cool, but then ran out for one errand and could not wait to get home. I felt so sticky from the humidity I took another shower. I got out of the shower this morning at 8 am and it was already 82 degrees to show you how bad it was.

Tomorrow I have to go bring my Firebird in for some work and while it won’t be too bad in the morning, in the afternoon it will be extremely hot, plus the garage has no a/c or windows. I plan to get in and get out fast and drive home on the highway so I’ll at least get a little breeze.

I don’t know how people can live with this heat and humidity all year round! Give me snow!!

Heard from my hair-obsessed friend but he pulled an attitude with me and I signed off and don’t plan to go back on IM for a long, long time. He was drinking so I assume that caused it. But I just don’t want to deal with a guy who is obsessed over the hair.

Working on updating some hairy sites tonight and will talk about them when done and publish a few pics here as well.

Well, it had to be said …

Last night I went on IM to find a local friend and ask him a question. I rarely get on IM because of the HNGs that hit me up. Well, my friend wasn’t around, but Chris was … the one who was asking about the hair only and never about me. Been about 3 weeks I think since it ended. I was surprised to hear from him as he wasn’t even on my buddies list. But, we did a little normal chatting — “hi, how are you?” type stuff.

He then said he missed me. I reminded him of why it ended and he did apologize and later said he felt like a jerk over it. Good. Then he told me he was still interested in me and I was leery and should have gone with my instincts.

I was gone for a minute so he asked if I were busy and I said I was checking website stats, so he asked what that was, saying he wanted to know all about me and my job (previously he’d never, ever asked). So, I told him about Hairy Chat without mentioning the URL, just what it was about, and how good I felt when I could help women, and he asked for more info, and I gave it to him. I mentioned men who were finally able to discuss their feelings about hairy women and feel normal.

He then said, “I wuvvv you.” *shudder*

I then said I had men who loved women from those with full beards to those with full bushes. He said he didn’t like women with beards, so with trepidation I mentioned that many women had facial hair. He basically said that kind of woman wasn’t for him.

*bzzzzt* wrong answer.

I can’t fault him for this, it’s personal choice. I won’t say he’s shallow. Some men like facial hair and some don’t. Some women like men with facial hair, or who are going bald, and some don’t. It’s just personal preference, as I said.

So … I said, “I have some and am used to being rejected over it, so have a nice day” and just signed off and that was it. I didn’t go into my laser treatments, I just didn’t feel like justifying my life to him to try to gain acceptance, ya know?

He’s not into it. I’m not going to try to change his mind as it’s not worth the heartache. I should have gone with my instincts and just ignored his IM. It bummed me out a little but I think at this point I’m just so used to it, it’s not phasing me much anymore.

I’m just so ambivalent toward men lately.

I’m noticing I nap more lately, but it could be over my not sleeping well at night. I used to nap for 1.5 hours, no matter what, it was always an hour and a half. A few weeks ago it was 2.5 hours, then 3.5 hours! Today I’d say I slept for about 3 hours. I’m not sure if it’s lack of sleep at night or just my being so old. And I’m not groggy when I get up after sleeping so long! I could have slept longer, but I fell asleep before putting on the central a/c and it was getting warm. We’re in the middle of a very hot spell.

I did find the obscure auto part I needed, just have to wait for someone to ship it to me. Now I’m after not-so obscure parts that are mostly cosmetic. My ‘bird goes in this week to have the new gears put in plus they are doing a little work elsewhere. I won’t miss her, though, since it will be close to 90 and on days like that I’m home working and not out in the humidity and heat. I need to get into my closet later tonight or tomorrow and pull out m summer shirts and my shorts. Summer sure crept up on us fast.

Some men can be persistent

I’ve been chatting with this guy from Florida. No, he’s not into hairy women. Well, more on that later. I met him as I was looking for an obscure car part and he thought he could help me. We are also going to do some swapping, like my clutch pedal for his brake/gas pedal. We chat about all kind of stuff, including my work, and he did mention he liked women with hairy pits. We talked a little about sex, too.

He keeps asking for my pic, and I keep telling him I don’t have pics. It gets frustrating after a while, since I simply don’t take pics. I know people talk shit about me for not having pics, but it’s my choice and my life. Anyway, he’s pushing hard for pics and I’m getting frustrated that I have to keep addressing the issue. He’s also hinting about something happening between us, but he’s 1,500 miles from me, with a wife … it’s like he’ll make a great friend as we can talk about anything, but anything more …. nuh uh.

So, dealing with the car coming out of restoration is taking a little time, but work is keeping me busy as well. No major projects. There are some I should be doing but I just haven’t felt like it. I’m sure I’ll get back to it soon.

Yep, yep, I’m alive

Just so busy, spent most of the day dealing with car issues, from gear ratios, radiators, my rear end and a bad bearing. I learned a lot and the best news is my car is nearly done and I hope to have it back in about 2/3 weeks. I’ll be posting pics this weekend.

Updated a lot of hairy sites this week and will be posting about that this weekend as well as updating some more and will give y’all some pics here, too.

Ever forget you dated someone?

I know, it sounds weird, but I did! I was reading a forum and people were complaining about those with loud stereo systems and how they make your windows rattle from the ‘doof doof’ sound they make. Then people were speculating on costs to install those systems.

Wham! I remembered meeting a guy with an old pickup truck, rusty, about 15 years ago, and he showed me his stereo system that was a computer system wired to the back of the front seat. I remember him saying he spent $15k on it for an old truck! He pulled the seat back forward to show me all the wiring, I do remember that much.

I “think” his name was Scott but I don’t remember where we connected. I don’t know if it was through Hair to Stay Magazine, IRC, my sites or my personal ad. I just remember he drove down from Maine (3/4 hours) and we met at the airport. I don’t remember eating any food with him, but we went parking for a bit. He was younger than me by a bit, he was blonde with a beard, and he said despite the drive he wanted to date me, but I said no due to the distance. Wow.

I wish I remember more and I don’t even know why I supressed the memory for about 15 years.

American Idol, 2008

Well, it’s over. David Cook is the winner and I’m very happy. This was a lackluster season at best. I don’t know how far David Cook will go but his voice is very unique. His singing with ZZ Top was amazing last night and his version of Heroes by Chad Kroeger (Seacrest called him Kruger??) rocked. George Michael rocked, as did Brian Adams and Graham Nash. Donna Summer doesn’t do much for me but she was ok.

NO hairy women in this year’s crop of female talent either. Remember Princess P and her facial hair?

Got plans for the holiday weekend? I’ve got a date on Monday afternoon/evening but otherwise plan to do some stuff around the house and do a lot of work. I have to update about 12 sites and it’s the kind of updating that takes a lot concentration. I did find some good pics last night and will post a few sneak peeks this weekend for y’all.

Should have my car back from restoration/engine in a couple of weeks. Radiator began to go in today so it’s close. So I’m pretty excited about that, then I can start looking for something new.

Another one bites the dust

Well, the guy who was interested is history, and I’m not broken up over it. He asked if I was still interested and, since I don’t lie, told him I lost a lot of interest when he asked for pics that resembled my hairiness, plus he only asked about the hair and sex — never anything else. I’m much more than hair. So, he wrote back, said he was sorry and wished me good luck.

It’s his loss.

Got laser tonight which I nearly forgot about but fortunately they called to remind me. I believe I last went in December so it’s been a while, but I don’t really need it other than one small spot. I’m looking forward to having it done!

In case he reads it, THANK YOU to the man who called to place an order today and told me the Hairy Videos site still had issues. If he had not told me, it would still be fubar

Gimme pics

*sigh* When a guy seems interested in you, it’s a great thing. However, when he says, “send me a pic of what your hair looks like, even if it’s not you” then I lose interest very quickly, and this happened overnight. Woke up to the email asking for pics that represent my hair in a certain place.

To me that means the hair matters too much.

Ask about my life, my family, my upbringing, my cars, my job — find out about ME, not some superfluous hair.

Men *sigh*

Gotta love ‘em. Or kill ‘em.

One just won’t take no for an answer. I suppose it’s my fault for not ignoring his emails. We met 3 years ago and he was a nice guy, good looking, but not my type as he’s married and cheats. He treated me like shit that day, too, and I never forgot it, or forgave him. He didn’t contact me for a long time but as I’ve written before, he keeps inviting me for ‘coffee’. I asked what he expected and yah, he said sex, so I said no. He asked again and I said no. And, he asked this week and I said no. I don’t know why he keeps asking because he needs to know I’m not going to change my mind.

We do have a love of classic cars in common but don’t even talk about that much. He insists when he met me I had a tattoo, and I don’t, so I don’t even think he remembers me. Claims I’m “cute and chubby” and I’m neither.

Then there is this other one who could be the guy of my dreams, the one I talked about yesterday. Now he’s fixated on the hair after not asking about it for a while. Hair anywhere seems to be ok with him and he’s not asking for pics which is a good thing, but … I don’t know … he’s 6 hours away and I think he wants a fuck buddy and that’s it. I did tell him I don’t do casual and he said he was “tired” of casual, but he also pretty much stopped emailing after that, too.

I also need a communicator. I tend to lose interest rapidly when I get a 1/2 sentence email repeatedly, or they don’t answer questions I pose.

His being a hair lover is a great thing, but I do have some trepidation as he’s not been with a very hairy woman, and I know first-hand that often they have the fantasy but the reality does not live up and they say they’ve “experienced it” and move on

The day from hell is turning out ok …

Ever have a day where nothing goes right? First, I haven’t slept well for 3 nights, just tossing and turning. Went to Dunkin’ Donuts on the way to a nail appointment this morning and they were out of decaf at 9:30 in the morning. Ok, so I ask for iced tea with 1 Splenda — they are out of Splenda.

I go out for lunch and all I wanted was a bowl of fish chowder and they have none today, their ceiling fan broke and they can’t make chowder with out it. So I go home and eat a tuna sandwich. Grrr.

I go to the pharmacy for a prescription and there is a problem. I go to my car, all to fix the problem, go back in and the problem is still there until Monday.

I buy shrimp for dinner and forgot about it. So it sat in my car for 3 hours on a warmish day. Don’t ask how bad it smelled and I had to toss out $20 worth of colossal shrimp.

Then I check email and some guy is asking why my site is broken. Doesn’t tell me WHICH site but posts enough of a link for me to figure out which script it is. SO now I have to try to fix that and it puts me in a panic.

But, now it’s better. There is a new guy who interests me a lot and it seems the feeling is mutual. Unfortunately he’s not close to me. He loves hairy women but so far hasn’t asked about the hair, which is SO refreshing. I think he likes fat chicks but I’m going to delve into that later on. He’s the type I dream about, too … in so many ways. So, we’ll see — I’ll take it slow, we’ll talk on the phone, and go from there.

Monday I’m meeting a guy — only a friend — who I’ve known online for nearly a year. We never have been able to hookup for coffee but as long as it doesn’t rain, Monday we’re finally meeting. He has a girlfriend